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RES GmbH - Worldwide service on wind turbines.

WE train our employees with support!

Good qualification, safe and technically professional work in the wind industry.

Preparation for external examination, industrial electrician.

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  We educate!


Control, repair, and maintenance of complex wind turbines.

Availability, productivity and efficiency. Only turning turbines are producing. We take care of low downtime rates of your WTG`s. On site, with a wide extensive support, we train your staff, optimize your processes and trouble shoot your turbine´s.

The RES (Renewable Energy Service) is an ambitious and “owner managed” company. We have highly specialized knowledge and a lot of experience in spite of controlling, maintain and fixing complex WTG´s.

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RES | Wind Energy Service - worldwide

Europe, Asia, North America

Prompt, flexible and with highest quality standards; our staff is working everywhere anytime - from Japan to India, from Scandinavia to the USA. The availability and productivity of the turbines are the benchmark of our success.



OEMs, commissioning, prototype support & upgrades

Individually service solutions and project jobs, starting with an upgrade development and ends with a complete erection and commissioning of a WTG. We also take care of your prototype WTG and offshore jobs.

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EON - Climate & Renewables, Germany

Management of the installation and commissioning, quality controls, various projects in France, Poland, Spain and Germany, support and project development for offshore installations.

Senvion - wind energy solutions, Germany

Full maintenance. Repairs and retrofit installations. Project work on prototypes.

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