Wind energy services worldwide

Timely, flexible and with the highest standards.


Cooperative and fair partnership with our OEM customers.

From the maintenance on onshore turbines to upgrade-installation and troubleshooting on offshore WTG´s.  We realize the projects flexible and uncomplicated.

The 36 KV measuring rod belongs to our tool equipment such as the hydraulic torque wrench or the hydraulic pull type cylinder. Our technicians are equipped with a fully service truck to react flexible at your WTG. 

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Complete planning and efficient implementation.

Commissioning of wind turbine generators requires perfect planning and coordination - this is exactly where we start: To ensure that all wind turbines are connected to the grid efficiently and without errors, we rely on holistic quality management and optimal processes.

Through many different projects, our engineers and technicians have access on a wide and extensive experience.

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prototype Services

Supervision, documentation, evaluation and reporting.

In the development of prototypes, we provide support in the sense of prototype support for wind turbines. We document all important test data and practice regular control. We evaluate all our findings and data so that you can efficiently optimize your prototype. For this we provide regular reports and are in constant communication with the development.

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Wind vector regulation.

With one of our upgrades, you get the possibility to upgrade your WTG with a wind vector regulation.

If the wind blow from one, or even more directions, we can program the control unit to react with the WTG programmable logic control (plc) in regards of power production. There is also the possibility to set parameters as wind speed, wind angle and hysteresis. Since several years, the system is installed and is proven many times.

The installation expense is reduced to a minimum.

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